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   May 27

Your Questions About Gardening

Nancy asks…

I’m looking for an allotment in the West Midlands that will allow me to brew beer for personal consumption?

I have approached Dudley council who say their allotments are only for growing fruit and veg, and they do not allow the production of beer. Does anyone have any contacts for private landlords for allotments, or know how I can find out this information? I live in an apartment and so don’t have any of my own land for brewing.


GardenersCardiff answers:

You don’t need land to brew….you don’t actually grow beer you know?

You can grow some of the raw materials for beer, such as the hops….but you still need somewhere to brew it.

Just buy a home brew kit, you can use them anywhere…even an apartment. They take up next to no room at all.

We use a corner of the airing cupboard.

Mary asks…

Is a seagull ready to leave the nest as soon as it can fly? Or does it return to be with its family?

We have been watching a seagull family on the roof of a building across the street – two parents and two babies. Over the last two weeks the two babies have been practising trying to fly, running and flapping their wings and hopping in the air. Today there has only been one baby on the roof all day. We are worried that the other one tried to fly and fell off the edge! If he could take off, would he be able to fly? Would he come back to the nest after a while? Would he have to be taught by his parents to find food, etc., even after he could fly, or could he survive on his own right away?
Thanks to all who answered and put our minds at ease! Baby #2 was missing all day today, but we just spotted him one level below. (Original nest was above a penthouse on the fourth floor. Now Baby #2 is on third floor, penthouse level.) We have seen the parents taking food to the roof of the building next door today, and think Baby #1 might be there. Hope they will practice their flying between these three rooftops and we get to watch their development! We’ve grown quite attached!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Stop worrying the seagull that is missing will be fine. Like humans some of us take a bit longer to walk than others. It’s the same with seagulls. The one that is missing was ready to fly. In the next couple of day the other seagull will fly away.

They start out with short gliding flights and the parents will still keep feeding them till they can feed them selfs and once they start to fly the baby’s don’t return to the nest.

Sometimes the old nest gets used again. So you might get to see more seagulls growing up again across the street..

Mandy asks…

Why do we prefer certain types of music/songs over others?

Can anyone explain to me or direct me to a site that explains scientifically why this is? It’s not just what you grew up on because my family listens to hip hop and r&b and while I like some of it, I also listen to reggae, classic rock, and metal which they don’t like. I developed my own music preference as I got older. How is it determined which sounds are pleasing to us?

GardenersCardiff answers:

I would gamble on answering that it is mostly innate… If you want to get scientific about it… It probably has to do with the way your brain works… How you think and what makes sense to you would probably correlate to what kind of music you are inclined to listen to. Then there is the part that is associative… You heard a style of music that brings you back to when you had your first love or your first party etc.,. It is a very interesting question.

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