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   Jul 30

Your Questions About Gardening

Nancy asks…

How do grow long black healthy hair to or past your shoulders?

Well I mean African American hair. But it just seems like my hair won’t grow anymore but last i remembered my hair was at my neck so its still short and I’ve always wanted long healthy hair. What should I do..? (Oh I also have braids but when I take them down Im going to get a much needed perm).

GardenersCardiff answers:

Your hair is the most fragile of all hair types. They snap & break easily. So you need more TLCs than thin hair. No chemicals. No relaxers specially! No heating styling tools. Finger comb is best or use a wide tooth comb. Do what Oprah have been, going natural. Use oil or conditioner to keep them moisturized.

Go to Afro-Amer website. They have tons of tips suggestion etc. Just as long as you don’t buy propagandas that promises this or that for your hair. They do more harm than good.

Ex. Of one relaxer:

Keratin are not approved by the FDA. Visit their website & search for it in their web. If you’re thinking about the Brazilian treatment, there’s a danger about using formaldehyde, a chemical that causes cancer. The FDA does not restrict the use of that chemical in cosmetics.

A hairstylist in Portland, Or. Is blowing a whistle on the treatment.
“A big red flag: About a month after she started using Brazilian Blowout on clients, Scrutton had the first nosebleed of her life.”

(Type it in if they moved the page. “After hairstylist becomes suspicious of Brazilian Blowout, tests find formaldehyde”.
At your nearest store, they now have AFRI-AMER hair products, what’s good to sell there, is good for your hair type. They go through the same FDA regulations, even the so called ‘natural’ or ‘organics’, can do more harm than good for your hair. Like there are good mushrooms, there are also bad mushrooms. Go to the FDA website and learn more about ‘natural’. In my email this week, there are about 15 recalls one of them is organic or natural product, recalled by the FDA. Just because they are natural, it doesn’t mean you’re safe. It is a billion dollar business, but they do not even give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss due to ‘abuse’.

Braiding your hair is stressful, and it is not going to help make your hair grow any longer or faster.

I used to own a website, and I did some research to help members with their hair, not about Afro, but I stumbled on their website that was informative.

John asks…

I was wanting to know how i grow mushrooms?

I am alergic to them but my partner enjoys them. Can i do this safely .

GardenersCardiff answers:

Try this

Robert asks…

Growing Mushrooms?

I’m not going to consume any mushrooms. I’ve looked on youtube how to grow Pysilocybe Cubensis. I was just wondering if all mushrooms could be grown in the same way. The method the host showed in the video was inoculating jars containing rye seed and vermiculite with a spore syringe to produce mycelium. Afterwards he would incubate the jars in a dark environment at 86 degrees fahrenheit until the mycelium had fully colonized. Then he would put the rye seed and vermiculite cakes into a very moist terrarium. He would let the fruit bodies get 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of darkness and keep them as close to 76 degrees fahrenheit as possible. He would also make sure than carbon dioxide build up was taken care of by fanning the terrarium once or twice a day. In a matter of weeks the fruit bodies would develop. Before any of this however he made sure that everything EVERYTHING was steryle if it wasn’t then contamination would occur. So what do you guys think?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Some years ago, I found a small paper-backed book titled, “Growing Magic Mushrooms.” A footnote at the end of the book stated that the same techniques described in the book could be used to grow commonly used in food preparation!

There are a number of sources of spawn to grow edible mushrooms. Each species has it own requirements to produce basidiocarps (mushrooms)!

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