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   Aug 27

Your Questions About Gardening

David asks…

Houston Garden Supply?

I have this list:

But with this weekend looking so beautiful want to get in the garden. Any other garden suggestions?

GardenersCardiff answers:

There are many things you can do in the garden this weekend. You need to pick a chore and do that first.
Here is another list of garden centers to help you.


Paul asks…

Best garden supply store for indoor gardening?

what is the best one stop place to shop for indoor gardening? I need lights,soil,nutrients,tomatto,lettuce, and basil seeds. And growing pots. Lowe’s? Homedepot? Walmart? Other? i am searching specifically for CFL lights due to the low cost and good results i have heard about. If nothing else where would i go to get good 65 to 120 wat 6500k CFL’s?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Gardener’s Supply Company offers a selection of innovative gardening tools, … Shop quality composters, self watering planters, vegetable supports and rain barrels – perfect for the home gardener.

Sandra asks…

Gardens ?????

There Are Tv Shows That Give You A Chance To Win A Makeover For Your Garden

Can You Give Me Some Websites So I Can Submit My Garden

Thanks xxx

GardenersCardiff answers:

Try You can sign up if you want to be in any of their shows. Most of the shows do ask for a budget from you since they only supply the designer and an added thousand dollars (or less) to your already existing budget.

If you are planning to do it anyway and pay for it then it would be a good idea since they help with the planning, execution and all that other stuff.

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