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   Nov 27

Your Questions About Gardening

Ruth asks…

what is market gardening?

GardenersCardiff answers:

In market gardening is the relatively small-scale production of fruits, vegetables and flowers as cash crops, frequently sold directly to consumers and restaurants. It is distinguishable from other types of farming by the diversity of crops grown on a small area of land, typically, from under one acre (0.4hA) to a few acres, or sometimes in greenhouses. Such a farm is sometimes called a market garden or truck farm.

Market gardening as a business is based on providing a wide range and steady supply of fresh produce through the local growing season. Many different crops and varieties are grown, in contrast with large, industrialized farms, which tend to specialize in high volume production of single crops, a practice known as monoculture. Market gardening also employs more manual labor and gardening techniques, compared to large-scale mechanized farming. Because production is relatively low-volume, sales are often through local fresh produce outlets, such as on-farm stands, farmers’ markets, community-supported agriculture subscriptions, restaurants and independent produce stores.

Donald asks…

need a lanscaping supply store in chicago land illinois?

that sells river rocks by the ton, bushes, srubs, gardening slupplies

GardenersCardiff answers:

Type in landscaping supply store or nursery and whatever city you are looking in and you will have your answer.

Robert asks…

What is organic gardening?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Organic gardening relies on healthy soil and good weed and pest control using natural means. Organic soil tends to be quite rich and many organic gardeners
have their own compost bins so they can enrich the soil they have naturally. Many garden supply stores sell compost bins and barrels. They also sell food scrap bins for the kitchen to enrich the organic compost heap. Good soil is the key to organic gardening and you can only get there by either buying good organic compost or making your own with a compost bin.


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